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Scopello and the Zingaro Nature Reserve

The ‘ancient village of Scopello, overlooking the Gulf of Castellammare just a few kilometers from the town. The name probably comes from “Scoupellos”, very similar to the dialect “Scupeddu” alluding to the stacks or rocks (in Latin scopulus scopelos in greek). Around it develops an ancient Baglio, dating from the seventeenth century, decorated with a characteristic square where There is a stone drinking trough and the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Also, are the cornicce several houses and narrow streets of the place. To dominate the valley which overlooks the village, stands the tower Bennistra (XVI sec.) And most of the high Sparagio Mountain (1200m) around which lies the forest of Scopello. The history of the village has seen many occupants succession. The first settlement on the promontory where Scopello dates back to the Hellenistic period, then continued in Roman and Islamic eras, and finally by the Bourbon rule with the arrival of Ferdinand III of Bourbon, who chose the area of Scopello, near the homonymous forest, to the rank of royal hunting reserve for hunting, visiting twice in 1830 and 1859. For years, Scopello is a destination for many tourists from everywhere attracted by the beauty of its rocky coasts, seabed, from traditional cuisine based on fish and the chance to visit the bottecghe where they produce local pottery. But above all, the magnificence of the place lies in the old tuna surrounded by tall and imposing cliffs on which rocks are visible (in addition to the aforementioned tower Bennistra also desired by the family Sanclemente) two towers, one of the thirteenth century, of which there remain only the ruins, and the second, of the sixteenth century, which was designed by the Florentine Camillo Camilliani by Baron of Inici.Un cultural journey enriched with numerous events organized within the village.

Zingaro Nature Reserve
The Zingaro is the first Nature Reserve established in Sicily (1981) and extends for 7 km between Scopello and San Vito Lo Capo. The coast is formed by Quaternary limestones and calcareous dolomitic nature of the Mesozoic, with cliffs from a height of 913 m (Monte Speziale) steeply sloping towards the sea interspersed with numerous coves. The creeks all presentantano small pebbly beaches very clear water from which emerges an underwater environment and tropical (going from the South to the North Scopello side) take the name of the Capreria Cala, Cala del Varo (reachable by sea), Cala della Disa or Zingaro, Beretta Cala, Cala Marinella, Cala Tower dell’Uzzo and, in the end, Tonnarella dell’Uzzo. The territory rappesenta the harmonious cohabitation between the flora and fauna that are developed within the protected land and those found in the waters and seabed. There are numerous fascinating the tunnels and the submerged caves such as the cave of the Pigeon entrance located 2 meters that opens into a large room 30 meters and then cave of Corvina, Craperia of the cave, the cave of the Mustia, cave of Ficarella . Walking along the coastal path you will come across breathtaking sceneries in which nature is the star.

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