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Alcamo - Church of Santi Paolo e Bartolomeo Alcamo (TP) Hotel

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Church of Santi Paolo e Bartolomeo

The church is the best example of the typical Baroque style of Alcamo expressed in the magnificient stuccoes and frescos.  It was built in 1615 in the present location where there was the “Ospedale degli Incurabili” and assumed the current aspect thanks to a restoration project led by Giovanni, Francesco and Cristoforo Fica. The facade was built in 1782 with a solid architectural structure. The interior is sumptuously decorated according to the Baroque style. It has a latin cross form, three naves divided by columns made with red marble extracted from the mines in Monte Bonifato, a transept, a rectangular apsis where there is a big painting representing the “Santi titolari”, made by Giuseppe Felice (1701). The church is enriched by magnificient stuccoes, made by Vincenzo and Gabriele Messina, and frescos, made by Antonio Grano.

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