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Church of Sant’Oliva

The Chusch of Sant’Oliva, close to the main square, Piazza Ciullo, was built in 1533 and the restoration project was led in 1724 by Giovan Biagio Amico, an architect who worked for the Real Patrimonio and the senate in Palermo.

Inside the church there are important artworks like “Le anime del purgatorio”, a painting realized by Pietro Novelli  in 1639, the altars decorated with polychrome marbles made by Mariano and Simone Pennino, the stuccoes made by Gabriele Messina and Francesco and Giuseppe Russo, the marble statues of “Santa Lucia”, “Sant’Angelo” and the Annunciation made in 1545 by Antonino e Giacomo Gagini, and the marble statue of Sant’Oliva which is one of the most beatiful masterpieces made by Antonello Gagini. An earthquake in 1968 and a fire in 1987 destroyed the church’s roof which was rebuilt some years later.

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