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Alcamo - Church di San Francesco di Paola (Badia Nuova) Alcamo (TP) Hotel

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Church di San Francesco di Paola (Badia Nuova)

The church San Francesco di Paola, also called “Badia Nuova“, was built around 1534. in 1699 the church was destroyed and rebuilt according to a restoration project led by Giovan Biagio Amico and, in 1724, it was enriched with many artworks.

Inside the church there are eight statues of stuccoes made by Giacomo Serpotta in 1724 whose style is similar to that of Bernini.

The statues enrich the walls and they represent:: La Pace (peace), La Mansuetudine (gentleness), La Fortezza (strength), La Purezza (purity), L’Addolorata (The Grieving Madonna), La Maddalena (Magdalene), S. Pietro and San Paolo.

There also many paintings among which the mastepieces “S. Benedetto da Norcia“ (painted by Pietro Novelli also known as Monrealese) and “S. Francesco di Paola“ (painted in 1642 by Andrea di Paola from Trapani).

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