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Alcamo - the castle of Conti di Modica Alcamo (TP) Hotel

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the castle of Conti di Modica

Castello dei conti di Modica is the castle of Alcamo. It is located in Piazza della Repubblica enriched by beatiful gardens. The castle was built around 1350 under the power of Enrico and Federico Chiaramonte, who succeeded Peralta. It has a rhombus form, a interior courtyard, four alternating towers (two square towers and two cylindrical) connected by walls with crenelation on the top. The four towers had different names referring to their aim: “Maestra”, where the prisoners were tortured; the second in which there is a coat of arms perhaps belonged to Federico II or Peralta; the third was  the place for the guards; the fourth tower was destined to the apartaments for important guests, viceroys, bishops, kings among which the emperor Carlo V who came after the battle in Tunisi. The castle was restored in 1583, 1594, 1589, 1870 and, definitively, in the period from 2000 to 2010 and, today, it is used as Ethnographic museum and Regional  Museum of Wine.

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