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Alcamo is the city of art and wine, one of the most fascinating places in Western Sicily. It is located in the province of Trapani at the foot (above 256 m) of the Monte Bonifato which is considered “the roof of Western Siciliy”. Its strategic position (halfway between Trapani and Palermo) opens to an enchanting landscape from Punta Raisi (on the East side) to San Vito Lo Capo (on the West side), in which lies the gulf of Castellammare.

Alcamo is well connected to other cities in the Western Sicily by a motorway  network free of charge. You can reach the two main airports (in Trapani and Palermo) in only thirty minutes driving. You can visit interesting places near Alcamo like the temple and the amphitheatre in Segesta where, in summer, there are a lot of celebrations and events; the Natural Reserve of Zingaro; the saltpans in Trapani, the ancient island of Mozia, Palermo and its magnificent monuments; Trapani and Museum Pepoli; Marsala and the museum of the Nave Punica (Punic ship); Mazara del Vallo and many other places which enrich the landscape of this part of the region.

Alcamo’s origins can be traced back to ancient times when, on the top of Monte Bonifato, around at VII century A.C., a people called Elimi,...
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Church of Sant’Oliva
The Chusch of Sant’Oliva, close to the main square, Piazza Ciullo, was built in 1533 and the restoration project was led in 1724 by Giovan...
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Collegio dei Gesuiti
Collegio dei Gesuiti was built in 1600 to be the focus of religious faith and doctrine and it was enriched in 1700 with a loggia...
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Chiesa del Gesù
The scenic facade of the church, built (1684-1767) by the architect Dazio Agliata, dominates the Piazza Ciullo with its architectural interplay of pil...
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the castle of Conti di Modica
Castello dei conti di Modica is the castle of Alcamo. It is located in Piazza della Repubblica enriched by beatiful gardens. The castle was built...
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Church di San Francesco di Paola (Badia Nuova)
The church San Francesco di Paola, also called “Badia Nuova“, was built around 1534. in 1699 the church was destroyed and rebuilt according to a...
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Monastry of Santa Chiara
The Monastry of Santa Chiara in Alcamo is located in the heart of the historical centre. Its church, built in honor of SS. Cosma and...
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Church San Tommaso
The church San Tommaso has a Catalan-Gothic style, due to the important architectural value of the splendid doorway, perfect example of the Swabian mo...
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Tower of the De Ballis
The square tower of the De Ballis Palace is a great example of the V century architecture with stylistic details of Matteo Carnalivari (from Palermo)...
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Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta
The Basilica Santa Maria Assunta has its doorway in Piazza IV Novembre and it represent the main place of worship in Alcamo. The main facade...
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Museum of Arte Sacra
The Museum of Arte Sacra is located inside the Basilica, and it was inaugurated in 2010 when the rooms of the sacresty were restored. It...
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Sanctuary of Maria SS dei Miracoli
The Sanctuary of Maria SS dei Miracoli in Alcamo is located in a valley in the north of the city. The temple project  was planned...
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Arab Fountain
The Arabs built a fountain near a water source, in the hamlet Alqamah. A strong earthquake, occurred at the end of the V century, damaged...
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Church of Santi Paolo e Bartolomeo
The church is the best example of the typical Baroque style of Alcamo expressed in the magnificient stuccoes and frescos.  It was built in 1615...
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